3D Pinball


Play Windows 3D Pinball Online


Play Windows 3D Pinball Online


Known issues:
1. unable to focus mouse in FireFox. Switch to another window and switch back, then mouse works.
2. the ball can't keep stationary on the launch pad. Please retry if launch fails.
Left and Right Flipper: Z and /
Left, Right and Up Bump (Nudge): X, . and Up (nudging table too much will make it tilt)
Plunger (Launch): Space
This is the Space Cadet table in Full Tilt! Pinball
Run in Windows 3.1, Emulated by js-dos
More Minigames
These retro games can be played online (in browser):
FreeCell (Windows 3.0)
Hearts (Windows 3.1)
Spider Solitaire (Windows 98)
Fury3 (Windows 3.1 + Win32s + WinG)
Red Alert (Windows/ReactOS)
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